Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pharmacy Patient Assistance Programs?
  • Pharmacy Patient Assistance Programs are programs offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers to help uninsured and/or low-income individuals with free or low cost medications.

How does Passport assist me in processing claims for patient assistance programs?
  • Passport maintains a complete database of over 300 pharmaceutical manufacturers programs along with its corresponding documents for each medication involved. It also lists the requirements involved for each program.
  • Passport stores patient and physician data.
  • Automatic form completion.
  • Tracking capabilities.
  • Customized reporting capabilities.

How many Program Drugs are listed in Passport that are offered through patient assistance programs?
  • Currently there are 7429 medications listed in our database.
  • This list is updated on a daily basis because of its high rate of change.
  • Patient Assistance Programs are categorized as Inpatient (I), Outpatient (O), or Both (B).

Are instructions available for the Patient Assistance Programs?
  • Passport maintains a database that contains general and miscellaneous instructions about patient assistance program medications. This feature provides users with financial requirements and other considerations that should be observed.

How often are the forms updated?
  • Passport Customer Support updates the database daily, as well as, providing semi-annual updates of the complete database.

What type of facilities use Passport?
  • Hospitals of all sizes: from smaller to large county run facilities.
  • Hospitals with offsite clinics.
  • Clinics; oncology or infusion clinics, behavioral clinics, federally qualified health clinics, county clinics, free indigent clinics.

Physician's offices. How many users can I have for a particular account?
  • As many as needed for the program, Passport has the capability to establish and track individual users. Each user will have a unique user ID and password.

Does Passport have any reporting functions that track financial and patient information?
  • Passport has the capability to design customized reports or the user can use the standard reports available in the system.

Why do you offer different options of use for your product?
  • There are different options for the facility to choose from that best fits the facility’s need.
  • Passport Lease Option:  The facility has control of the software and is responsible for hiring its own personnel and running the program.
  • Passport Outsource Option: Passport hires the personnel to manage and coordinate the program on site for the facility.

What kind of customer support can I expect to receive?
  • Cervey employs a full time staff of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of support for our products and services. They can help you troubleshoot problems, recover systems, or simply answer your day-to-day questions.  Cervey staff also maintains drug databases and claim forms, as well as, releasing periodic software upgrades, bug fixes, and enhancements to Passport to stay abreast of current recovery program changes.

Is Passport a secured website?
  • Passport uses 128-bit SSL encryption for transmission of data between client and the server. As Passport is a HIPAA compliant system, every user requires a unique ID and password to access the system.

What type of support is given during and after implementation?
  • Passport' trainers and support staff are with the facility every step of the implementation process. On-site and/or off-site assistance is provided during the ramp up process and continually after the facility is up and running for ongoing questions and support.

Does our facility need to be a wholesale customer to use Passport?
  • No, it is not necessary for your facility to be a wholesale customer of Morris & Dickson, Co. LLC.